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Multi-brand Director of Operations cuts deletions at his restaurants in half with this software tool

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With the entire team aware, Rick and team had visibility and took action.

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The Problem.

Rick Riley was suffering from data overload. The Director of Loss Prevention and Training for The RC Group, an 88-unit Taco Bell, KFC, and Long John Silver’s franchise, found himself spending too much time pulling and reviewing restaurant reports – instead focusing on priorities like proactively spending time in the field, working with his Area Coaches to develop team members, and finding theft in his restaurants. His reporting tool had tons of valuable reports and data, but it took forever to find what he was looking for. On top of that, once he found the right reports, he spent hours searching for outliers, theft, and opportunities to train and coach his team. With his time stretched thin, Rick needed an easy way to monitor what’s going on at his restaurants – and take action quickly.

The Solution.

That’s why Rick and his team at The RC Group decided to use Delaget Guard, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that reduces loss to employee theft and error by using proprietary algorithms to find exceptions in restaurant data, prioritizing those exceptions by monetary impact, and recommending specific actions restaurant managers can take to reduce loss and better train employees. “What I like most about Delaget Guard is that I’m not spending a ton of time in my office looking at my computer and pulling data anymore. It’s so much easier to now go out in the field, be with and help my team, and make an impact in the restaurants,” said Rick.

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The Outcome.

Delaget Guard helps Rick and his team of Area Coaches find the information they need to better train their staff and identify theft. “Delaget Guard helps me prioritize my day. I review the data first thing in the morning and then I’m prepared for rest of the day to act on what I find. The checklist items help me – and my Area Coaches –  know where to focus our energy at the stores. Reviewing data is a lot easier now. In five, ten, or fifteen minutes, we can identify an issue. We’ve caught people stealing because the data is right there. And we’ve even put people in jail because of Delaget Guard, said Rick.”

“Before, we just didn’t have the bandwidth or time to uncover theft or operational issues. For example, Area Coaches were focused on getting through the day – making sure they had enough staff for a shift or if they were properly set up for rush times. That changed with Delaget Guard,” said Rick. Because of Delaget Guard, Rick and his team unearthed a franchise-wide problem of high deletions. “Six months ago, we started using Delaget Guard to analyze and rank stores for amount of deletions before that were occurring. We were surprised to find stores with deletions as high as 14 to 15%, when our franchise’s threshold is 6%.

Delaget Guard helped shed a light on the issue helped us easily highlight stores that needed improvement,” said Rick. “Now, with a bigger spotlight on this and us coaching and training our team, we’re running at around 7-8% for deletions – and certain stores are as low as 4%. Thanks to Delaget, we were able to identify and tackle the problem head on.

On our weekly with our team of Area Coaches, we’re now able to be more proactive. We pull up Delaget Guard, able to look at what’s going on – and strategize on how we can fix it. Delaget Guard is definitely going to save you money,” he added. Rick and his team also identified an issue with drive thru car gaps. Using Delaget Guard’s drill down feature, an Area Coach dug into transaction-level detail and noticed there there was up to a 40-minute gap from time certain orders started to the time they were completed – and he noticed suspicious before and after deletions. Theft was definitely happening.

After reviewing the video footage, the Coach saw a manager on duty and two cashiers at a till, splitting money they skimmed. “The manager on duty and cashiers skimmed $100 to $150 that night alone. If you multiply that by three-to-four shifts a week, they could’ve been stealing upwards of $400 a week. It would’ve taken us a lot longer to figure out the drive thru gap problem if we were only using our reporting tool. We’re able to address issues like this more quickly now,” said Rick. “Even with cameras above, people will still try to game the system.

Not anymore with Delaget Guard right there – you can’t fool that. When we approached all three people, they admitted to taking the money. They gave the money back. And we put them in jail,” he added. In addition to finding theft, Delaget Guard has helped Rick and his Area Coaches hone in on important training and coaching opportunities.  “Not only is Delaget Guard good at identifying theft, we use it as a training tool, too. Our Area Coaches actively use it as a way to help them prep for their weekly store visits with team members. They pull up an employee’s profile, sit down with them, and talk about areas of strength and improvement,” said Rick.

“Delaget’s customer service is top notch. I’ve never worked with a company that bends over backwards to provide training and support like Delaget does.”

– Rick Riley, Director of Loss Prevention and Training for The RC Group

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