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MAS Restaurant Group partners with Delaget and DailyPay to improve retention

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111 stores, 1 report

When MAS acquired 36 stores that utilized a different system, Delaget made it simple to view all store data in one report – with no travel time!

Consistency from store-level to corporate

From in-store employees to c-suite execs, all MAS team members see the same data and have total transparency around day-to-day metrics.

Approx. 730 hours saved per year!

Employees saved 2+ hrs/day using Delaget solutions and therefore report having more time for “more difficult tasks”.


MAS Restaurant Group is a Taco Bell franchise with 111 locations in two states, employing a workforce of over 2,200 employees. In an industry where high employee turnover is commonplace, MAS Restaurant Group sought out technology solutions to support their recruiting and retention strategies along with gaining insights into their operational data. 


Delaget and DailyPay support MAS

MAS Restaurant Group works with Delaget and DailyPay; Delaget is the leading operational software provider for QSR restaurants serving operator’s data like the speed of service, sales, BOH, POS data, and more into a single dashboard and DailyPay, an industry leader in on-demand pay. Before finding these two technology partners, MAS Restaurant Group did not have sophisticated technology to aid with their recruitment and retention strategies. Manny Chavez, the Director of Information Technology at MAS Restaurant Group, sat down with Delaget and DailyPay to discuss how using these two solutions has contributed to MAS Restaurant Group’s success. 


Partner synergy improves retention and recruitment

MAS Restaurant Group is always looking for recruitment and retention tools and ways to keep our employees happy. A lot of their employees are of a younger generation with developing aspirations and goal structures with the expectation of instant gratification in varying respects. Delaget promotes a sense of goal-driven motivation for both MAS store owners and their employees by creating a clear roadmap to success using daily operational data. DailyPay works to satisfy the need for instant access to earned income and is included in MAS’ recruitment materials. The combination of DailyPay and Delaget helps create a rewarding environment for MAS employees in these multiple ways.

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“Delaget has been a godsend ever since our CFO brought them on as a partner. What’s measurable is achieved, what is measured can be achieved”

– Manny Chavez, Director of IT: MAS Restaurant Group


Making QSR operators lives easier 

Delaget and DailyPay help to create a workplace that encourages employees to work toward goals and be swiftly rewarded, and their impact on MAS does just impact store-level employees. MAS Restaurant Group’s corporate team is comprised of 16 people which means that, often, there is not enough time for everything. The team at MAS now spends a fraction of the previous time managing operational data and payroll thanks to Delaget and DailyPay. Manny Chavez said it best when commenting on Delaget and DailyPay’s impact on MAS’ corporate team: “Both of these tools, in different ways make our lives easier and allow us to focus on things that aren’t as easy”. Now instead of MAS’ store managers running based on a “see something, say something” (Chavez) mentality, they can view the big picture of their operation and plan goal roadmaps.


Streamlining operations with the help of technology 

“Delaget has been a godsend ever since our CFO brought them on as a partner. What’s measurable is achieved, what is measured can be achieved” says Chavez. Delaget has taken all operational data from MAS’ existing 75 stores running on one system, plus their new 36 stores on a different system, and married them together to provide one set of comprehensive reports to their upper management – and made the acquisition of new stores a breeze. The Delaget Coach software provides managers with clear, measurable metrics of their stores’ performance, leading them and their team on a clear path to success. 


For more information on evaluating your tech stack, check out From People to Profits: 5 Must-Haves to Empower Your Team Through Data & Reporting. For insights on retention and recruitment from Delaget and DailyPay, check out our 30-minute webinar, Recruiting Retention and More: What QSR Operators Need to Know Now.


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