+70% sales volume growth YOY%, +29% speed of service

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Speed of Service Improvement

Team transparency

With the entire team aware, Diversified Restaurant Group saw an improvement in the flow of work.


Customer Experience Improvement

Long John Silver's & Delaget

Market Coach John Rankin, of 315-unit franchisee Charter Foods, used to spend up to two hours a day wading through spreadsheets searching for operational issues. Pinpointing exceptions was a manual, time-consuming job and, as a result, the high-performing stores were carrying the lower-performing ones. And it was costing them in missed opportunities for improvement. Recently, Charter Foods began using Delaget Coach’s operational dashboard for its 59 Long John Silver’s stores, in addition to its Taco Bell locations. Rankin can now see all his restaurant data aggregated in one place, and dynamically rank and filter stores based on dozens of metrics. With clear visibility into his restaurants’ data, Rankin is now able to very quickly identify which stores are having issues and take action – rather than sorting through reams of data just hoping to find a useful nugget. Now in less than 20 minutes, Rankin has what he needs to spend the rest of his day working with his area coaches to optimize operations and boost profits. For example, Rankin identified an area coach whose restaurants had unusually high food waste. By addressing waste issues, he was quickly able to reduce their restaurants’ total cost of sales by 14.63%. Now, their stores average just .68% food waste, which is a 57.89% improvement since the beginning of the quarter. “The other win we found right away was using Delaget Coach to stop theft,” says Rankin. By checking last hour sales trends and deletions, one of his area coaches discovered and stopped employee theft adding up to $30-$50 per day in his area alone.

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Find everything in one place

“If you can’t get to the data, you can’t respond to it,” says Rankin. Because he can see data from all his restaurant systems in one place, gone are the days of hopping from one system to another to try to piece together what’s happening in the stores.

Spend time where it counts

“I spend less time locked into admin and more time quickly spotting issues and taking action. I’ve gone from looking at everything, to looking at exceptions. That’s the real power of Delaget Coach.”

Give each team member what they need to be successful

“Delaget Coach creates a good avenue for follow-up.” Rankin loves that Delaget Coach’s built-in task management system allows him to bring specific issues to his team’s attention and ensure they’ve followed up. And, Delaget Coach makes it easy to export and email reports to his top-level leadership to give them the birds-eye view of the business. Everyone gets the information they need to make the most impact on the business.

Delaget customers share their journey to clearer data.

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