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2022 QSR Operational Index

The 2022 QSR Operational Index is the only industry report of its kind, containing key metrics across the most important facets of restaurant business performance.  

This year’s index is jam-packed with data all restaurant operators need to benchmark their performance.  

Download the index now and receive:  

  • Sales and costs data: Revenue, guest checks, transactions, beverage sales, food costs, labor costs, and channel sales data that compares drive-thru, counter, and other channels’ evolution from pre-pandemic to the present.  
  • Employee and wage trends: Average wages and turnover rate mapped by state, turnover trends over three years.  
  • Loss metrics: Key loss indicator averages and metrics by AUV, refunded transactions, cancelled transactions, and more. 
  • Customer experience and speed insights: Meaty voice of customer and speed of service insights like average drive-thru time, and trends over four years.  

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