Leave data to the experts, and say hello to clean, flowing data

Delaget Connect lets you easily export your data to other programs, like payroll and accounting. And if you want to wash your hands of the whole thing, and leave data exporting and management to someone else? We do that too.​

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Solutions made for you
Effortlessly export your data with automated systems. Whether you want to be hands on or off, we got you.
The best data management is out of sight and out of mind.
As your business grows and gets more complex, so does your IT load. With Delaget Connect, you can stop pumping resources into building exports or managing your data. We do that for you.
Free yourself from data dilemmas
You no longer need to invest time, money, or people in building exports or managing your data.
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How it works
Ready to take control of your data? Great, because we’re ready to help. Here’s an overview of what comes next.

Pull data

Delaget pulls data from all your systems: POS (Point of Sale), back of house, security, inventory, etc. We make sure it’s clean and readable, then we pass it on to your partners, like your payroll, banks, and ERP.


Support every step

Our support team monitors your system 24/7, taking care of updates and making sure your data is always complete.


Insights you need

You get the insights you need to make informed business decisions without wasting another second on spreadsheet headaches.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your integration may happen quicker if you leverage one of our fully integrated data partners already. 

In either case, an integration will be expedited by providing the following information upfront:

  • Name and purpose of the export/report
  • How the data is accessed today

We only need a few pieces of information on the third party to move forward with an integration:

  • Name of the third party
  • Contact name
  • Email and/or phone of the third party

Our product team will ask for the data elements needed in the report as well as the frequency you would like the report.

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