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Corporate Partnerships


Trust your data with the data experts

Clear, accessible data is critical to understanding your restaurants’ performance and to your franchisees’ success. 

Unfortunately, the numerous technical systems needed to run a restaurant (BOH, POS, drive-thru timers, and more) don’t integrate or communicate, leaving a mess of spreadsheets and data that take up critical time and resources. Instead, leverage data experts (that’s us!). 

Solutions made for you
Effortlessly export your data with automated systems. Whether you want to be hands-on or off, we got you.


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Responsive support

Our team is here with you every step along the way, ensuring a smooth onboarding, and offering your franchisees support along the way.

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Increased adoption

With marketing offerings like webinars, e-mail blasts, and ongoing education, adoption is assured throughout your organization.


Happy franchisees

Last but not least, your franchisees will be happy - and successful - which in turn results in boosted royalties. It's a win-win.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Name and purpose of the export/report
  • How data is accessed today

Data elements needed in the report, frequency you would like the report.