Corporate Partnerships


Franchisee enablement through data

Clear, accessible data is critical to understanding your restaurants’ performance and to your franchisees’ success. 

Unfortunately, the numerous technical systems needed to run a restaurant (BOH, POS, drive-thru timers, and more) don’t integrate or communicate, leaving a mess of spreadsheets and data that take up critical time and resources. Instead, leverage data experts (that’s us!). 

Reap the benefits of leveraging data experts


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Responsive support

Our team is here with you every step along the way, ensuring a smooth onboarding, and offering your franchisees support along the way.

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Increased adoption

With marketing offerings like webinars, e-mail blasts, and ongoing education, adoption is assured throughout your organization.


Happy franchisees

Last but not least, your franchisees will be happy - and successful - which in turn results in boosted royalties. It's a win-win.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few pieces of information that can ensure for a fast integration with corporate partners:

  • Name and purpose of the export/report
  • How data is accessed today

If you use a third-party for files and reporting needs, Delaget will need the following to integrate:

  • Name of the third party
  • Contact name
  • Email and/or phone of third party

Every corporate partnership is different. Delaget can provide a wide range of services and custom builds to meet your data needs–This could be custom exports and reports, providing your franchisees’ and/or corporate/entity stores with our signature solutions like Delaget Coach, Detect, Delivery, or +Recovery, or even a custom solution to solve your data needs.

Delaget can provide a wide range of support and materials to increase adoption and make onboarding seamless and fun, including: 

  • Franchisee webinars
  • Corporate webinars
  • 1-pagers and flyers
  • How-to guides
  • Emails 
  • 24/7 data monitoring and access to white glove customer support