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2023 QSR Operational Index

The most anticipated annual QSR report is HERE!  

Download the 2023 QSR Operational Index today and get a deeper understanding of 2023: 

  • Sales and customer experience 
  • Food and labor costs  
  • Employee turnover and wage trends 
  • ✨ NEW: Delivery sales + transactions, guest checks by daypart + delivery losses 
  • Key loss metrics  

The 2023 QSR Operational Index is packed with: 

  • Data + trends: Key QSR performance indicators from sales to delivery to labor 
  • Insights: Practical tips backed by data from industry experts 
  • Maps: View data at-a-glance by state to compare metrics and markets across the US 

What is the QSR Operational Index? 
The QSR Operational Index contains information and data that is essential for anyone in the QSR industry, packed with metrics spanning all critical aspects of restaurant operations: Sales and customer experience, food and labor costs, employee turnover and wage trends, delivery sales and transaction data, and key loss metrics. The pages offer trends, insights, and practical tips for enhancing your stores’ performance. 

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