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Top 200 Playbook: The ultimate guide on achieving operational success for restaurant operators of every size

We 🧡 the Franchise Times Restaurant 200 list. The “why” is simple: It ranks thriving restaurant operators (often family-run) and offers insights into the competitive Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) landscape. But what can we learn from this list? 

This playbook contains insights from HAZA Foods CEO Ali Dhanani, Charter Foods Senior Director of Operations John Rankin, Border Foods President Aaron Engler, and Ampex Brands CFO Eric Easton.  

Download to get your hands on tips and tricks for: 

  • Cultivating operational excellence through culture, KPIs, and communication 
  • Evaluating new restaurant technology like a Top 200 operator 
  • Curating a culture that retains and attracts talent 
  • Selecting and strategizing where and who to franchise with 

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