Improve your restaurants bottom line.

Restaurant software that turns data into actionable, meaningful insights.


Saving $250 Million – and Counting

In the last 15 years, we’ve helped 10,000 restaurants save $250+ million annually by stopping employee theft, reducing waste and streamlining processes.


Bolstering Staff Productivity

Now restaurant owners and managers can identify their star performers and underachievers, and judge the effectiveness of their systems – so they can get all of their people and processes working in harmony.


Seeing Trends, Taking Action

We interpret restaurants data to help their stakeholders make better decisions – such as how to use customer-ordering trends to reshape their inventory.


Managing Everything, from Anywhere

With our intuitive interface, you’ll get detailed insights right from your smart phone or iPad – from employees’ cheese usage levels to drive-thru times and more.


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From store managers to restaurant CEOs, every restaurant professional cares about the Cost of Goods Sold. Food, beverage, paper products, and supplies all fall into the COGS bucket, making it the largest and most important operating expense on your P&L. Watch the one-hour webinar  to learn best practices, tips and tricks to improve your COGS.


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