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2020 QSR Applied Tech Awards from QSR Magazine We’re honored to announce that QSR Magazine has awarded the Delaget Coach operational dashboard the 2020 QSR Applied Tech Award.

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See and compare all your key metrics on one dashboard with Delaget Coach

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Whether you’re a new franchisee or a growing franchise owner, Delaget’s restaurant management software reduces the complexity of running a restaurant and supports rapid growth.


Our restaurant software makes business intelligence simple

Our mission is to make it nearly-effortless for you and your team to find, understand, and act on key business intelligence, without ever worrying about technology issues again.  Our restaurant software keeps things simple for you in 3 unique ways:

  1. We’ll consolidate and manage all your data, integrating with any technology you have now or in the future. No restrictions.
  2. We advise you with specific recommendations on how to improve restaurant operations to maximize revenue and margins.
  3. All our solutions are tuned for the nuances and demands of the restaurant industry.

Learn more about these 3 reasons why Delaget’s restaurant management software solutions are better than what you’re doing now.