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Data alone doesn’t help you grow faster.

Knowing what to do with it does.
With Delaget’s reporting and analytics restaurant management software, and accounting solutions, you can:

  • Tap into the intelligence hiding in your data with our quick service restaurant software, and see a clear path to greater labor efficiency, revenue, and margin

  • Simplify your operation and save hours of time each week

  • Give your restaurant managers the insights they need to act on issues and opportunities quickly


Our restaurant software makes business intelligence simple

Our mission is to make it nearly-effortless for you and your team to find, understand, and act on key business intelligence using our quick service restaurant software. We keep things simple for you in 3 unique ways:

  1. We can integrate with any technology you have now or in the future. No restrictions.
  2. We advise you and your team with specific actions you can take to bring in the most revenue and hang onto it.
  3. All of our solutions are tuned for the nuances and demands of the industry.

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