Don't surrender money to loss

Stop loss in its tracks with automatic alerts from Detect.

Loss happens daily at your restaurant. It takes many forms: theft, inefficiencies, overtime, poor customer service, old-fashioned mistakes.
No matter how it shows up, it’s hurting your bottom line.

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Find loss everywhere with cross-system alerts
Detect theft and other forms of loss with ease and strengthen your business from the inside out - from people to profits. Detect is your new loss prevention wingman.
Catch, solve and prevent loss
Detect makes restaurant loss prevention a breeze by providing you with automated processes, best practices, and support.
Automatic alerts = peace of mind
Say goodbye to endless digging! With Detect, you get to set custom alerts for as many loss scenarios as you need. Once Detect is up and running, you'll be pinged on suspicious activity when it happens.
Clarity through visibility
From your dashboard, you can see loss trends across all your systems, as well as which locations and employees trigger alerts most often. Zoom in on transaction-level detail in an instant, and view video footage alongside the receipt.
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Average customer savings per store per year with Delaget Detect
5 min
How long it takes to review daily loss with Detect
Trusted by QSR Owners and Operators since 1999.
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"Quick and simple review, just what I need in the morning before going on the floor."
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"In the past, we’ve had to fire employees for poor performance, but now with Delaget, I can identify employees who aren’t ringing in orders correctly or are having other issues and provide them the training they need. The software has saved us from having to terminate employees, which is huge.”
Kelley Poindexter
President & CEO, Poindexter and Son
How it works
Ready to take control of your data? Great, because we’re ready to help. Here’s an overview of what comes next.

Important metrics

You identify the metrics you want to track (like sales, food cost, drive-thru times, etc.) and we configure your dashboard.

Support every step

Your Delaget Success Manager is there every step of the way, providing initial training and ongoing support to make using our tools a snap.

Insights you need

You get the insights you need to make informed business decisions without wasting another second on spreadsheet headaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Delaget Detect allows operators to focus on transactional and restaurant metrics that are based on your brand’s unique KPI’s. Loss as you know, includes more than just traditional loss metrics like cancel’s, refunds, and employee meals – it can also include operational loss such as higher than ideal drive thru times, overtime, food cost/waste and much more.

Detect allows you to see up to 12 months of historical trend data by restaurant and/or employee. Delaget Detect’s powerful search functionality allows you to create the search criteria by restaurant, metric type during any time period while enhancing search functionality using tender time, time of day and order channel.

Detect provides all ticket level detail data, along with guest check with the ability to view those transactions against video depending on your camera provider. View our surveillance partners >

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