Uncover hidden loss with Delaget Coach + Detect loss prevention software for restaurants

Be alerted immediately to employee theft, inefficiencies, overtime, poor customer service, old-fashioned mistakes, and more.

Everything you need to find, validate, and act on loss

Detect makes restaurant loss prevention lucrative by providing you with automated processes, best practices, and support.

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Download the Restaurant Loss Prevention Checklist

Use this handy checklist created by a QSR LP consultant with more than 40 years in the business.

Stop digging through reports

More than just exception reporting, Detect is automated restaurant loss prevention software that eliminates the need to manually search through multiple systems.

Loss is a moving target – Stay on top of it

You’ll find loss in all its forms today, tomorrow, and next year, using Detect’s configurable alerts.

Optimize your LP program

• Search for loss across all your systems at once

• Access transaction-level detail in one click

• View video footage alongside the receipt

• Supercharge your LP with expert consultation


Detect restaurant loss prevention software

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Spend less time searching, more time doing

Conducting loss prevention in restaurants can be time consuming. With Delaget Coach + Detect, you’ll have both the technology and the expertise to quickly find and address hidden loss throughout your restaurants.

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