Glencoe Management utilizes +Recovery to recover without stress and tedious manual work


of Glencoe delivery losses recovered

9 days

from onboarding to begin recovering

3240 hrs

estimated hours saved annually


QSR operators utilizing third-party delivery apps and services are losing money to cancelled and adjusted delivery orders. Worse yet, these organizations also lack visibility into delivery happenings and any data trends that are occurring, making it more difficult to optimize their delivery operations.

Some franchisees have opted to dispute and recover these losses in-house, which can be a time-consuming and highly tedious process. Manual recovery not only takes up employees time, making it inefficient, it also is ineffective for many, resulting on money left “on the table”.

Seeking solutions

Glencoe Management is a Burger King franchise with 45 locations, based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Prior to using +Recovery, Glencoe was not doing anything to recover losses in-house. “We, like many franchisees, just don’t have the internal resources to recover delivery losses manually,” said Rocky Bretting, CFO of Glencoe Management.

Luckily, teams like Rocky’s don’t have to rely on internal resources to solve this issue. Glencoe purchased Delaget +Recovery in February of 2023 and they were set up and recovering losses within 9 business days.

Glencoe’s choice: Tech-driven solutions

Rocky sought out Delaget to solve delivery recovery for Glencoe’s Burger King locations. He’d been aware of the issue and was ready to start recovering his company’s losses and increase their delivery profitability.


He was interested in a solution that leveraged technology rather than manual disputing or outsourced labor, and was intrigued by Delaget’s automated process utilizing smart technology.


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"It’s simple, the process is easy, and I don’t have to think about it. I can sit back and focus on running other facets of my business.”.

– Rocky Bretting, CFO, Glencoe Management

Implementation made easy

Implementing new technology with Delaget was simple and easy. “All my experiences with everyone on the Delaget team have been exceptional. I got very clear instructions on how to start everything with Delivery vendors. I didn’t have to do anything more than set it up.” Says Bretting.

The best part? It’s a super-secure, hands-free solution that provides weekly updates and allows users like Rocky to view their recovery statuses in their free +Recovery dashboard: “It’s simple, the process is easy, and I don’t have to think about it. I can sit back and focus on running other facets of my business.”.

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