With Delaget Coach, my operations directors go to one place to get all the data they need. Instead of spending several hours every day dealing with spreadsheets, they’re taking action on things that matter.

Amy Boshears VP of Operations, Wisconsin Hospitality Group

Delaget Coach is the lifeblood of our operation.

Erich Moxley Franchisee, Diversified Restaurant Group

Delaget Coach makes life easier for me and my whole operations team. It cut my meeting prep time by more than half because everything is right there on one screen. I can drill into the data and quickly get at the information I need.

Amy Boshears VP of Operations, Wisconsin Hospitality Group

I like the easy accessibility of metrics that are important in our day-to-day business. All of our most important metrics appear on the dashboard without having to search for them.

Ivy Figaro Area Coach, B&G Food Enterprises

I like being able to see sales compared to last year for my entire area with one click. The graphs for sales and speed for dayparts show multiple stores at once, which really helps me understand if sales or speed is out of whack.

Cole Moore Area Coach, B&G Food Enterprises

I’ve been an area coach for over 30 years and can tell you that I don’t have time to go from report to report to understand what happened at a location. I need everything in one place, and Delaget Coach provides that for me.

Monico Baugh Area Coach, R&R Ventures

I can start my day quicker and review the data at a high level so I can understand which locations warrant a visit.

Charles Green Area Coach, Kumar Management Corp.

Choosing our preferred loss prevention suite was not something we took lightly. We selected Delaget for their extensive experience in the restaurant industry, ability to handle the security demands of a large operation, and because their solution, Delaget Guard, is exceptional at identifying loss and prescribing action.

Chris Caldwell Chief Information Officer for KFC U.S

With the combined capabilities of Delaget and Envysion’s partnership, KFC franchisees will have access to powerful loss prevention tools, saving them time and helping them run more efficient operations. We saw excellent results with the pilot and are excited to roll it out to our franchisees.

Chris Caldwell Chief Information Officer for KFC U.S

I was spending one to two hours a day using our previous tool. With Delaget Guard, it takes me 15 minutes at most. The checklist is easy to use, and I like being able to drill down when I need to. In fact, after using Delaget Guard for just a week, we’ve identified theft in several restaurants. We want that trend to continue.

Nick Rader Manager of Restaurant Reporting and Analysis, Bell American