What really sold me was Delaget’s customer service. When I call anyone from Delaget, I get an answer quickly. I’m actually talking to a real human. Delaget cares about my business.

Heath Harrison Director of Loss Prevention
What really sold me was Delaget's customer service.

By using Delaget, I’m able to spend more time in stores being the leader, coach, and mentor I want to be.

Kevin Conrad Director of Operations, Bravo Foods, 41 unit Taco Bell franchise
Using Delaget Stats, Kevin has cut his time spent analyzing reports from three hours to just 10 minutes a day.

Right away, I noticed that Delaget Guard was simple and easy to use. Everything I need to look for as a loss prevention professional is right there – drive through gaps, low dollar transactions, manager deletes, and more. I can also see historical data and day, week, period, and year views. I couldn’t get that from any other software I’ve seen.

Heath Harrison Director of Loss Prevention
Right away, I noticed that Delaget Guard was simple and easy to use.

Delaget turns myriads of data into useful information on which we can take immediate action, saving our leaders hours of time that should be spent in our businesses rather than in front of spreadsheets and calculators. Delaget’s metrics give us a daily look at our training opportunities, fraud trends, and other profit killers, the parts we can’t see with business data alone. We can see and address campfire sized issues before they become forest fires.

Taco Bell

Delaget provides us with a detailed snapshot of useful information for the store level to our Corporate Headquarters. The reports help us see our opportunities on a daily basis. This allows our leaders to be leaders and stay above the competition.

Burger King

Delaget is more important than my morning coffee (which is extremely important). I wake up at 6:30 every morning and before I get my coffee I look at my numbers from Delaget. I rely on Delaget to help me manage my business and direct my managers on what they need to be focusing on. It is a key business tool for me.

Taco Bell