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restaurant profit margin calculator

Restaurant profit margin calculator: Know your restaurant’s wealth

First, what factors affect your profit margins? Then, use our restaurant profit margin calculator to see where you have opportunities to improve.

Jason Tober
Accounting and payroll, Blog
restaurant swot analysis

Restaurant SWOT analysis: Analyze your restaurant with this free SWOT download

To get ahead of your restaurant competition, a great first step is building a restaurant SWOT analysis. But, where should you start? Our free download can help.

Neal Lefebvre
Blog, Operational Efficiency
qsr dashboard

How to know if your QSR is ready for a dashboard

Clearly, dashboards have many benefits, but how do you know your business has become big enough to need one? Here are some signs that your QSR is ready to upgrade to a comprehensive dashboard.

Lynette Williamson
Blog, Restaurant reporting
restaurant big data

Restaurant big data: Driving profits with information

How do you turn the data you have at your fingertips into something useful? Here are just some of the ways to make restaurant big data work for you.

Don Bye
Blog, Restaurant reporting
restaurant labor costs

Employer compliance: common wage and hour mistakes to avoid

With different requirements at the city, state, and federal level, it can be easy to make a mistake when it comes to restaurant labor costs. We'll dissect each mistake and provide tips to fix them.

Jason Tober
Blog, Operational Efficiency
food allergy laws and restaurants

Food allergy laws and restaurants: What you need to know

What do restaurants have to do to keep up with legal regulations when it comes to food allergies? From labeling to cleanliness, here's what restaurant managers need to know.

Jason Tober
Blog, Restaurant reporting
LTO strategy

LTO strategy: how to make the most of your limited-time offers

Introducing a successful limited-time offer can be difficult, but here are some tips from an LTO strategy that will make you the next restaurant craze.

Don Bye
Blog, Operational Efficiency
glen bell prize winner

What you can learn from the Glen Bell Award Winner

If you’re looking to start or grow your franchise, take some notes from the 2018 Glen Bell Award winners, Jeff and Lee Engler.

Allie DuChene
Blog, Operational Efficiency
QSR success

Top 5 ingredients for restaurant success

To make a successful QSR, you need five main "ingredients." We'll look at each of these "ingredients" and explain why each one plays a role in QSR success.

Jason Tober
Blog, Restaurant reporting
restaurant cost of cash

Money matters: the cost of cash and how to overcome it

Many QSR owners would prefer to complete all transactions with credit or debit cards. But, is that really practical? What is the restaurant cost of cash?

Jason Tober
Accounting and payroll, Blog, Loss prevention