Third-party delivery and mobile ordering continue to reinvent how quick-service restaurants meet demand, according to Delaget’s QSR Operational Index report


MINNEAPOLIS– March 19, 2024 – Investments in mobile apps and in-store kiosks continue to drive demand among quick-service restaurants (QSRs), with growth in third-party delivery showing no signs of slowing down, according to Delaget’s annual QSR Operational Index report. Delaget is a restaurant SaaS company that is trusted by 25,000+ restaurants and top brands to provide their leaders with data and tools for analytics through seamless automation.

Delaget’s 2023 QSR Operational Index includes the latest findings and trends in sales, delivery channel growth, losses, staffing, customer experience, and more. Among the key findings in the report:

  • Third-party delivery is up 29.8 percent year over year.
  • Mobile app sales are up 57.2 percent year over year.
  • In-store kiosk sales are up 66.9 percent year over year.
  • For every dollar in sales, the average QSR operator is spending about 28¢ in food costs and 22¢ in labor.
  • Channels like kiosks, mobile, and delivery climb, drive-thru have dipped 8.1% year over year. This represents a 6-year low for drive-thru, which hit an all-time high in 2020 when dining rooms closed due to COVID-19.
  • Turnover rates are down from an average of 169% in 2022 to an average of 139% in 2023. However, this may be an indication of less employees being hired.

“2023 proved to be a transformative period for the restaurant industry, building upon the digital acceleration witnessed in previous years. As our 2023 Operational Index report shows, the QSR industry is still going through a period of reinvention, with third-party delivery, mobile app and kiosk sales continuing to change the game,” said Jason Tober, CEO of Delaget.

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