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Accounting materials and calculator

How to Calculate P&L: QSR Profit & Loss Template [FREE DOWNLOAD]

How to Calculate P&L: QSR Profit & Loss Template [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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Why QSRs Need to Take Stock of Data Vendors in 2021 - register, card reader, order screen

Why aren’t your vendors automating your restaurant data?

Are your restaurant data partners providing the value they should? Here's what you should look for this year – and what you might be missing.

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Woman taking money from ATM

Offer your employees financial independence with Branch

Here's why providing financial wellness services is a big deal for your employees.

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Restaurant profit margin calculator

Restaurant profit margin calculator: Know your restaurant’s wealth

First, what factors affect your profit margins? Then, use our restaurant profit margin calculator to see where you have opportunities to improve.

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Restaurant worker holding out hand for cash from customer

Money matters: the cost of cash and how to overcome it

Many QSR owners would prefer to complete all transactions with credit or debit cards. But, is that really practical? What is the restaurant cost of cash?

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Payroll documents and calculator

From more flexibility to lower costs, why it might be time for a new payroll provider

A payroll system can do so much more than manage paychecks, like retaining employees and saving you money on operating costs.

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Pen and papers with reports

4 reasons to pull the trigger on outsourced restaurant accounting

The problem with handling your own accounting is the time commitment and the high probability that things will get out of control. The best option is to find an outsourced restaurant accounting solution. Here's why.

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Accounting paperwork

5 tips to successfully outsource your restaurant’s accounting and payroll

If payroll and accounting are taking up a lot of time that could be spent face-to-face with employees and customers, that might be the right reason to outsource restaurant accounting. But how do you smooth the transition? Here are 5 tips to make outsourcing your payroll and accounting as smooth as possible.

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Calculator on paperwork

Restaurant Accounting: Why your CPA should be a restaurant industry specialist

Money management can be one of the hardest things to do well when you’re busy running a restaurant. That’s why most restaurant owners prefer to leave it to expert CPAs. But, there’s still one big question to answer. Can any CPA do the job? Or do you need one that’s specialized in your industry?

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predictive scheduling

What you should know to prepare for predictive scheduling legislation

New legislation in specific cities around the country are requiring restaurants and retailers to use predictive versus on-call scheduling. Sound like a headache? It doesn’t have to be. We'll help you through it. Here's what you should know about predictive scheduling in order to prepare for the change.

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