Integration partners

Bring it all together

The Delaget platform gathers data from all your disparate systems from POS and back of house to voice of customer and surveillance systems. Whether it’s the technology you have today or new solutions you choose to adopt in the future, we have the flexibility to bring it all together for greater insights, consistency, and ease of use.

Some of our integration partners are listed below.

Featured partner

Delaget has teamed up with Netchex to bring you best-in-class payroll and data management technology. Using our integrated solution, you can manage your entire workforce from one easy-to-use platform. Manage your people from recruitment through retirement, with key insights available at the click of a button.

  • Payroll & tax
  • Analytics
  • Human resources
  • Time & attendance
  • Benefits administration
  • Talent management
Learn more about the Netchex and Delaget partnership

Point of sale integrations

Delaget integrates with your POS and Back of House systems to deliver restaurant analytics down to the transaction level.

Voice of customer integrations

By pulling in your guest survey data, Delaget solutions will connect the dots between customer feedback and operational trends.

Video surveillance integrations

With Delaget’s camera and DVR system integrations, you can quickly verify employee theft by reviewing video snippets that correspond to suspicious transactional data. It also improves the ROI on the cost of your camera equipment.

Inventory management integrations

Integrating Delaget solutions with your inventory management systems means you’ll be able to find opportunities to improve food costs, like over- or under-portioning.

Financial integrations

Delaget’s integrations with financial services support your accounting and cash verification processes.

Accounting integrations

Once integrated, Delaget will feed all your raw data into your accounting system.

Payroll integrations

Delaget integrates with your payroll system to provide employee and labor punch data from the POS to support payroll processes. We also offer payroll processing as part of our Delaget Books services.