Inaccurate delivery reporting is costing you money. time. unnecessary fees.

Delivery refunds, unpaid canceled orders, and missing items add up. Introducing Delaget Delivery: Your new delivery reconciliation wingman.

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Automate your delivery data and get visibility into losses instantly.

Automate your delivery data, maximize your payouts.

Clear data dashboard showing what’s
missing in POS vs DSP

View for operations so you can stop
future delivery losses from occuring

World-class, in-house US-based, support team
and dedicated success managers

Delaget Delivery FAQ

There are three existing third-party delivery integrations – GrubHub, Uber Eats, and Door Dash. 

Our integration team plans to add additional integrations soon.

The information you can access will vary by brand needs and is highly customizable by brand, however, you can expect daily insights into:

  • DSP Transaction ID
  • POS Business Date
  • POS Transaction number
  • POS Net Sales
  • DSP Net Sales
  • POS/DSP Net Sales difference
  • Adjustments
  • Cancelled Not Paid
  • Cancels Paid
  • Commissions
  • Expected Payout amount
  • Actual Payout amount
  • Payout ID
  • Order Status
  • Sales Tax
  • Marketing Fees
  • Processing fees
  • % Mark-up

Because each DSP has different market facilitator rules, we do receive the information from the DSPs based on work place facilitator – So, yes!

Delaget provides daily data and weekly data.

In some specific cases there may be a 2-day delay.

Delaget Delivery caters to two main audiences: 1) Accountants and finance roles at QSR organizations and franchises (big and small!) and 2) Operations roles within QSR organizations.

There are separate views for each role, so everyone sees the data that matters most to them.

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