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Delaget Coach + Detect

Finding and stopping loss has never been more difficult, or more important

With growing customer and corporate demands, there are even more opportunities for inefficiencies, overtime, slow or poor customer service, and old-fashioned mistakes.

Finding loss is a time-consuming, complex process, and you often don’t have the information and insights you need.

What if you could find loss everywhere it’s happening in your restaurants with a single, flexible, automated solution?

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Uncover your hidden loss with Delaget Coach + Detect

Detect makes loss prevention lucrative by providing you with everything you need to find, validate, and act on loss.

More than just exception reporting, Detect is an automated loss prevention system backed by a team of experts who will help you optimize your LP program and provide ongoing support. And, with its configurable design, Detect has the flexibility to adapt to your changing business requirements.

Using Detect, you’ll have the technology and the expertise you need to quickly find and address hidden loss throughout your restaurants, increasing your margin and improving efficiency.

Find loss everywhere with cross-system alerts

Stop slogging through POS notifications that only tell you part of the story. Detect’s cross-system alerts search through data from your back of house, customer survey tools, cameras, and drive-thru timers all at once. With fewer, more-qualified alerts, you can find real loss faster and in places you hadn’t considered before.

Supercharge your LP with expert help

Get the LP know-how and brand-specific insights you need to dramatically reduce loss across your business. Through your Client Success Manager, you’ll stay plugged-in to your brand’s best practices, as well as benchmarks, customer trends, and changing corporate requirements.

See video footage alongside the receipt

Who has time to scan hours of video footage? We’re guessing, not you! With Detect, you’ll see suspicious register receipts side-by-side with the related video clips. You’ll have everything you need to rapidly identify, investigate, and resolve issues without toggling between systems or spending hours combing through video footage.

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