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Simple loss prevention tips that discourage good employees from bad behavior

According to QSR Magazine, employee theft at restaurants happens "not because an employee is ethically challenged, but because they find an irresistible opportunity to steal with little risk of being caught." But you can prevent these "irresistible opportunities" at your restaurants.

Ed Heskett
Blog, Loss prevention
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Increasing software adoption (it’s not as tough as you think)

Employee software adoption and monitoring can be obstacles for greater success with your QSR loss prevention tool. Check out 7 surefire tips to make it easy for your employees to learn and stick with your loss prevention software.

Neal Lefebvre
Blog, Loss prevention, Operational Efficiency, Restaurant reporting
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5 ways you can prevent employee theft at point of sale

According to QSR Magazine, the biggest opportunity for theft occurs at the point-of-sale (POS) terminal. Why? Because all of your restaurant’s revenue comes through the POS. And having multiple hands in the tills makes it difficult – and nearly impossible to identify POS abuse or theft. In this post, find 5 proven ways that you reduce theft at your POS and have a more honest staff.

Ed Heskett
Blog, Loss prevention
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Twelve easy-to-implement QSR onboarding tips to reduce employee theft and error

One out of every three new hires quit after six months. To make matters worse, the cost of replacing a single employee can be more than $3,000 – and there’s also the time, energy, training, and operational loss that occurs as new team members learn their roles and make errors. But you can find better QSR employees.

Ed Heskett
Blog, Loss prevention, Operational Efficiency
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Restaurant employee theft: the case of the missing receipts

Picture it: $400 worth of receipts are found missing from your restaurant's drive-thru drawer. Is this an innocent mistake? Or is theft at play? According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, nearly 75% of employees steal from their employer at least once. The fact is, no matter the amount of vetting or screening you do, restaurant employee theft will happen at your store. So what can you do about it?

Renee Munro
Blog, Loss prevention