Restaurant payroll and accounting

Worry-free restaurant accounting

Save time and money and never worry about a deadline again

The ROI for managing your payroll and accounting internally just isn’t there. You pay more money for less expertise, less time, more complexity, and more risk.

Get back what you do best – running a competitive, profitable franchise – and outsource your payroll and accounting with Delaget.

The result? Watch your profits increase by cutting overhead, eliminating late payments and errors, and adding efficiencies. When you work with Delaget, you’ll have more time to focus on growth, operational enhancements and guest experience, and make quicker, better decisions.


Download the ebook, '4 restaurant industry nuances your payroll provider must know'

Leave all the data gathering to us

Using our fully-managed data warehouse, Delaget Connect, we’ll gather data from your POS, BOH, scheduling system, and other restaurant management systems automatically. No more uploading spreadsheets! We’ll clean and normalize this data so it’s ready for output into payroll, financial statements, or any in-house or third-party system.

Skip the tedious and risky business of payroll

Save time, avoid technology headaches, and stop worrying about changing laws and regulations when you choose turnkey Payroll services for restaurants. Your dedicated payroll and tax team will take care of every aspect of payroll from garnishments to PTO to filing and paying your taxes. They’ll factor in borrowed employees, special overtime rules, cross-company calculations, and more.

Make sure every deposit clears the bank accurately and timely

Not all loss happens at the register. Reduce your risk of theft after cash leaves the drawer with Cash Verification services.

Be alerted to inconsistencies and keep the right people in the know. We can also work with you on managing your bank’s “positive pay” service to reduce fraudulent activity on your account.

Get deeper insights into your financials

Make better decisions, faster, and focus your attention where it’s needed with detailed Financial Reporting at the store, group, district, brand, and enterprise levels. Dedicated staff accountants will manage your bank reconciliations, audit schedules, fixed assets, financial statements, outside audit support, royalties and advertising, and sales and use tax.

Build stronger vendor relationships with error-free and timely payments, every time

Get ready for some vendor appreciation when you pay every invoice accurately and on time with automated Accounts Payable services and dedicated AP team. You can access and approve documents at your desk or on the go, and pay vendors by check or electronically.

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