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3 reasons why Delaget solutions are better than what you’re doing now

Working with Delaget gives you some distinct advantages. For starters, we make it easy for you to find, understand, and act on the intelligence in your operation. Below are three of the ways that we do things differently to help you grow faster and easier.

Any system in, any system out

We build flexibility into our solutions so that we can integrate with your disparate data sources, no matter which technology you have now or choose to use in the future. Our platform shares information across all our accounting, payroll, reporting and analytics systems so that, when you work with Delaget, your entire business operates on the same, consistent data.

This makes life easier for you by consolidating multiple systems and eliminating data conflicts, and it also means you’ll have more accurate reporting, analytics, and financial services. Best of all, you’ll have deeper insights that aren’t possible with disjointed technology.

Prescriptive intelligence vs. do-it-yourself analysis

Delaget’s analytics solutions guide your managers and above store leaders with smart, timely recommendations that drive meaningful behavior. No longer do you have to wade through reams of data from your POS and other operational systems to find issues or discern if business objectives are being met.

Instead, your team is shown which actions to take to run a more profitable restaurant based on your business priorities and the potential monetary impact. Moving from data to decision to action now takes minutes instead of hours or days.

Built for restaurants vs. one size fits all

We were born of a QSR franchise in 1999 and remain deeply connected within the restaurant industry today. This evolving insight enables us to deliver solutions that address the challenges only restaurant operators face. Because our solutions complement the way you and your team work, they actually save you time instead of being just one more thing to manage. From our incredibly-useful reporting and analytics to our mastery of the unique accounting needs of multi-unit operators, we know how to help you run a more successful restaurant business.

There are many more reasons to love Delaget solutions, from our relentless support and Customer Success Managers. It’s our mission to help you grow faster and easier than you thought possible.