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Delaget Coach Operational Dashboard Wins 2020 QSR Applied Tech Award


2020 QSR Applied Tech Awards from QSR Magazine

In a year in which so many people have felt the near and far reaching effects of the global pandemic, we’re thrilled to have helped our customers respond to the crisis. We are honored to announce that QSR Magazine has awarded the Delaget Coach operational dashboard the 2020 QSR Applied Tech Award. This year, the Award specifically acknowledges tech products that help operators tackle the challenges presented by COVID-19.

Delaget Coach consolidates data from across an operator’s business into an easy-to-read and drillable dashboard. Using Delaget Coach, operators can quickly compare performance metrics like sales, labor, food cost, and guest experience.

“The modern restaurant operation was already incredibly complex before COVID-19, but the pandemic has saddled operators with even more complexities at a time when they’re fighting just to keep their lights on,” said Sam Oches, Editor at QSR Magazine. “Now more than ever, operators need solutions that can remove some of those complexities while also enhancing their ability to improve their bottom line. The Delaget Coach tool does just that by consolidating much of the back office under one dashboard tool that also provides valuable business intelligence. That’s why we’re excited to recognize Delaget with a 2020 Applied Tech Award.”

Fagner Sampaio, VP of Operations for MAS Restaurant Group, explained, “I was introduced to Delaget Coach when the pandemic began in 2020, and I must confess that the level of data and illustrational charts was pivotal to MRG’s operational decision making and financial success. The team immediately loved the reports on Delaget because it is user friendly, supportive and maximizes everyone’s time. In addition, the support provided along the way was impeccable.”

The flexible dashboard is configurable to meet the needs of different brand concepts. Users can rack-and-stack locations by performance, filter data, and drill down to ticket-level detail. Additional functionality, built based on requests from customers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, equipped operators to make day-by-day decisions that helped them maximize profits.

Delaget CEO Jason Tober recognized the company’s customers for their role in developing the tool, “We’re honored to receive the QSR Applied Tech Award and we share in this recognition with the restaurant operators we work with every day, who give us all our best ideas. Delaget Coach is a true customer collaboration, and we’re grateful for their critical role in developing useful tools that solve real problems.”


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