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Delaget was born within the Yum! system, and our reporting solution, Delaget Stats, was first devised by a Taco Bell franchise. Now, more than 5,500 Yum! restaurants already use Delaget solutions.

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(“Heath Harrison, Director of Loss Prevention at JRN, a 154-unit KFC franchise talks about JRN’s success using Delaget Guard.”)

These franchises are seeing impressive results

Delaget solutions are delivering significant increases in net sales, reductions in loss, huge time savings, and more for Yum! franchises, including operators for Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut.
  • A KFC franchise caught 57 cases of employee theft in first four months
  • A Taco Bell franchise generated a $17 return for every dollar spent on Delaget solutions
  • Pizza Hut corporate stores have seen a 4% increase in net sales

With our solutions, Yum! franchises are running a smarter operation

From our reporting and analytics solutions to our outsourced payroll and accounting services, Delaget solutions give you the insights and resources to quickly and easily expand your business and improve your profitability.


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Simplify by standardizing

If you have multiple Yum! concepts, standardizing on Delaget solutions will streamline your operation, reducing time spent rolling out, learning, and supporting your technology, as well as boosting cross-operational education.

Know you’re getting the best with a Yum!-endorsed partner

Our Master Services Agreement with Yum! means you can feel confident you’re getting the best possible restaurant management solutions for the best possible terms and price.

As a Yum! franchisee, you’re eligible for a number of advantages from using Delaget solutions. Learn more about what this means for your brand by checking out the links below.