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We heard you loud and clear! We understand that there’s a lack of trust, visibility, and control over your 3rd party data and we’re crafting a solution just for you.

Delaget is working with Taco Bell to provide a sales channel reporting platform built specifically for Taco Bell operators to easily reconcile their delivery orders.

data flowing from 3rd party delivery to delaget
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Delaget solves for this by providing Taco Bell operators with a comprehensive, automated dashboard, simplifying the reconciliation process. We’ll deliver the following metrics to your dashboard from all your 3rd party delivery partners:

Restaurant, Payout Date, Delivery Vendor, Total Orders, Net Sales, Sales Tax Payable, Sales Tax Withheld, Marketing Fees, Processing Fees, Adjustments, Adjustments % of Transactions, Commissions, Misc Fees, Payout Amount.