Delaget Stats

Restaurant reporting that puts you in the driver’s seat

Delaget Stats is a flexible reporting platform that delivers consolidated information for every level of your organization. Instead of toggling between a dozen different information sources, you can see all your key metrics on one dashboard that you can share with every home office employee, district manager, area coach, and store manager.

With the ability to create and share custom reports and dashboards, you can uncover insights and drive improvements in every area of your business. And, for much less time than you’re spending now – our customers save an average of 4-8 hours every week!

72-unit Pizza Hut franchise accelerates growth with Delaget Stats

“I really enjoy using Delaget Stats, because it really helps me dive deep into what’s happening within my Pizza Hut division. So I can see everything from sales, to labor, to food costs, and really understand the trends and the patterns that are occurring every day and every week in my business.”

– Jason Haribson, Operations Analyst at Wisconsin Hospitality Group (WHG)

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  • View consolidated data from all your systems and brands
  • Identify systemwide trends, and compare performance
  • Find outliers, and diagnose the who, what, why, and how
  • Predict upcoming challenges
  • Customize reports and dashboards for your priorities
  • Get everything you need to know in one place
  • Access information on your mobile phone or tablet while you’re on the road
  • Monitor trends and rankings for your area so you can provide timely and specific coaching
  • Get insights that are fast-and-easy to read and digest
  • Drill down into transaction data to get the details you need
  • Get everything you need to know in one place
  • Track and compare individual employee performance to give timely and specific coaching
  • See store progress against goals, and align with area coaches
  • Monitor trends and rankings for your store to drive achievement of priorities
  • Drill down into transaction data to get the details you need

Key features

  • Score boarding – rank by region, area, location
  • Trends – products, restaurants, operational
  • Drill-down capabilities
  • Configurable to priorities
  • Modern – mobile, flexible, user-specific


  • Gamify and drive results
  • Proactively identify risks and opportunities
  • Understand challenges and opportunities
  • Align organization on priorities
  • Increase usage and impact

A few words from our customers

“By using Delaget, I’m able to spend more time in stores being the leader, coach, and mentor I want to be.”
– Kevin Conrad, Director of Operations for Bravo Foods, a 41 unit Taco Bell franchise

“What really sold me was Delaget’s customer service. When I call anyone from Delaget, I get an answer quickly. I’m actually talking to a real human. Delaget cares about my business.”
– Heath Harrison, Director of Loss Prevention for JRN, Inc., a 154-unit KFC franchise

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Point of sale integrations

Here are some of the POS and back-of-house systems integrated with Delaget Stats. We’re also integrated with dozens of voice of customer, video surveillance, inventory management, financial, accounting, and payroll systems.