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Webinar: 5 keys to successful sales forecasting this fall

With school in session and fall holidays fast approaching, it’s critical you – and your team – are forecasting correctly.

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  • Get out of a summer sales mindset and be ready for fall
  • Create meaningful calendars
  • Make the right forecasting assumptions and avoid common pitfalls
  • Better understand your restaurants’ history
  • Prep for LTOs and special offers

Get to know the presenter

With 40+ years of experience holding leadership roles at a variety of Top 50 QSR Brands, Ed Heskett knows how to run a successful restaurant operation. He’s helped reduce speed of service times by 2 minutes, increase operational efficiencies, create a culture of loss prevention, and build an all-star staff at his stores. He’s currently a Senior Area Coach and Loss Prevention Manager for Border Foods, a 187-unit (and growing!) Taco Bell franchise.

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