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Webinar: Developing a loss prevention culture

Stop chasing your numbers – get in front of them!

Learn how to build a culture where loss prevention is woven so deeply into everyone’s behavior that it becomes part of your team’s muscle memory. More than just a program of the month, building a culture involves defining a series of routines, processes, and checks and balances that keep your team disciplined in their approach to daily operations.

Watch this recorded webinar and learn how to minimize both intentional and unintentional loss to improve your sales, variances in food and labor costs, labor efficiency and productivity, retention, and more. We’ll cover:

  • Training, coaching, and paying attention
  • Developing culture champions
  • Keeping loss top of mind
  • Using data for evidence-based management
  • Empowering your team and holding them accountable

About our guest speaker: Adam Scherr is the Director of Operations with RGT Management, a multi-brand franchisee with 47 Taco Bell units, 28 KFC’s 7 Freddy’s Burgers and Fries.

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