What successful restaurant leaders are doing to offset rising labor costs

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The minimum wage is on the rise.

In fact, in 2017 alone, minimum wage hikes were enacted in 19 states. With up to one-third of QSR sales attributed to labor, the pressure it has on a restaurant’s bottom line is only going to increase.

Now, more than ever, restaurant operators need to maximize their labor efficiency —all while maintaining a great employee (and a great customer) experience. You’ll learn how to:

  • Monitor and control wage rates
  • Sales forecast like a boss
  • Schedule for success
  • Improve store culture – and reduce costly turnover
  • Use data to your advantage

Ed HeskettGet to know the presenter With 40+ years of experience holding leadership roles at a variety of Top 50 QSR Brands, Ed Heskett knows how to run a successful restaurant operation. He’s helped reduce speed of service times by 2 minutes, increase operational efficiencies, create a culture of loss prevention, and build an all-star staff at his stores. He’s currently a Senior Area Coach and Loss Prevention Manager for Border Foods, a 187-unit (and growing!) Taco Bell franchise.

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