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Download the 2020 QSR Operational Index and see how your restaurants compare

In 2020, the tried-and-true playbook went out the window for most QSR operators, as they faced new challenges in nearly every facet of their business, from employee retention to new delivery partners, modified menus and hours, and much more. And yet, the industry performed well overall. Clearly, there are lessons to be learned from 2020.

In the Delaget 2020 QSR Operational Index, we compiled and analyzed data from 6,000 QSR locations around the country to better understand the lasting implications of the global pandemic and what it means for the future of QSR.

Download the Index to get the scoop on how the industry performed across these operational metrics:


  • Revenue per store
  • Transactions per store
  • Guest check per store
  • Average sales by store size
  • Sales % by channel
  • Guest check by channel


  • Cost of goods sold (COGS)
  • Labor % of sales
  • Food and labor cost % of sales by store size
  • California-specific data

Employee trends

  • Employees per store
  • Hourly wage
  • Overtime hours per store
  • Turnover
  • California-specific data


  • Daily cash shortage
  • # Refunded transactions
  • # Cancelled transactions
  • Discount % of sales
  • Employee meals
  • Beverage % of sales
  • # Beverages per check

Customer experience

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Drive thru speed of service

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