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Download the 2019 QSR Operational Index and see how your restaurants compare

As the restaurant industry gets more and more complex, understanding how you compare against your competition has become essential for growth. With Delaget’s 2019 QSR Operational Index, you’ll see how your restaurants stack up in the most important operational metrics.

Based on data from 6,000 quick service restaurants, the Index makes it easy to identify areas of your operation that could use some TLC as well as those that deserve a round of high fives. Either way, you’ll be smarter about your business and can make more informed decisions.

Download the Index to get the scoop on how the QSR industry performed in 2019 across these critical operational metrics:


  • Revenue per store
  • Transactions per store
  • Guest check per store
  • Average sales by store size
  • Sales % by channel
  • Guest check by channel


  • Cost of goods sold (COGS)
  • Labor % of sales
  • Food and labor cost % of sales by store size

Employee trends

  • Employees per store
  • Hourly wage
  • Overtime hours per store
  • Turnover


  • Cash over / short
  • # Refunded transactions
  • # Cancelled transactions
  • Discount % of sales

Customer experience

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Drive thru speed of service

Get the Index today, and find out where your restaurants shine and where they could use some polish.

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