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Quatrro and Delaget provide restaurant owners with a full suite of cost-effective accounting and data management solutions with a total cost savings up to 40% over managing in house.

With our tailored solutions, you’ll see improved quality and manager productivity, better financial transparency, and the scalability to adapt quickly to changing financial and accounting needs.

Your business will be more stable, because all your data will be reliable, consistent, accurate, and compliant. And, you can grow your business at any pace you want, without growing your overhead.

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What’s in it for you

Total cost savings of up to 40% – In addition to reducing expenses, you’ll also increase quality and manager productivity, have better financial transparency, and be able to scale and adapt quickly to changing financial and accounting needs.

Assigned financial experts that know you and your business – Rely on experienced accountants assigned to you that know you and your business and have restaurant industry know-how as an extension of your team.

No more deadlines, changing laws, or staffing – Spend your time with customers, coaching your leaders, and beating your competition, instead of dealing with daily administrative tasks.

Why Quatrro & Delaget

Asset-free accounting

With the combined Quatrro-Delaget solution, you no longer need to invest in a growing financial team, software, hardware, servers, IT staff, and office space. You can simplify your operation, make faster and better decisions, and scale your business as quickly as you want.

Actionable intelligence

With Quatrro and Delaget, you’re never on your own. We provide monthly consultations where we’ll review what’s going well in your business and areas that need to be addressed, like compliance and staff issues. We’ll watch trends in your financials to make sure you’re on the path to hitting your financial goals and provide training to your team on understanding financial statements.

Streamlined data collection

We’ll gather all the data needed for your financial reporting and payroll in a far more efficient manner using our fully-managed data warehouse, Delaget Connect. As a result, you’ll enjoy more timely, accurate, and compliant financials and payroll. And you’ll never again need to deal with manual data uploads, missing data, or IT issues.

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