KFC advanced reporting

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See a better, more complete view of your data with advanced reporting from Delaget.

With your subscription, you’ll get the Daily Business Summary for KFC, which shows ALL your key, above store metrics for your KFC locations side-by-side on ONE report that you can quickly and easily SHARE with everyone on your team.

Franchises of all sizes use Delaget for their above store reporting. Learn more by scheduling a time to talk with our KFC National Account Manager using the calendar.

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KFC advanced reporting from Delaget includes:

  • New! The Daily Business Summary for KFC for side-by-side comparisons of stores and areas
  • The ability to drill down to transactions or roll up to regional views
  • 40 KFC-specific reports, including break violations
  • Consolidated view of your data from Merit and your other data sources
  • Automated subscriptions that send reports directly to your inbox
  • All the data you need to drive improvements in every area of your business

Yum! franchise accelerates growth with Delaget


“Delaget helps us identify specifically which restaurants are causing us our biggest pain points. It provides me with single-touch access to the data I need every day. It just shows up in my inbox, which is fantastic.”

– Jason Harbison, Operations Analyst at Wisconsin Hospitality Group

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Consolidated restaurant data

Because Delaget pulls data from Merit and your other data sources, you’ll be able to see relationships in your data and gain insights not possible with silo-ed reporting. You can monitor what’s happening at the store level, or get regional or home office views to get the big picture. You’ll no longer need to go to multiple systems to gather data and manually combine it.

Daily Business Summary for KFC

Your subscription to Delaget comes with the Daily Business Summary for KFC. This report makes it easy to do side-by-side comparisons of key metrics like operational metrics, sales, speed of service, inventory, and more. And you can see the details at the store level as well as at regional and home office levels – all in one report.

Reports sent direct to your inbox

Set up subscriptions for you and your team, and receive emailed reports in your inbox. You can schedule them to arrive on any interval you choose. Make your life a little easier and never worry about distributing reports again.

KFC integrations

Getting started with Delaget is a breeze, because our solutions already integrate with Merit and many other KFC technologies