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Delivery for IHOP is now available!

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Delaget Delivery solves this by providing IHOP operators with a comprehensive, automated dashboard, simplifying the reconciliation process. We’ll deliver the following metrics to your dashboard from all your 3rd party delivery partners:

Restaurant, Payout Date, Delivery Vendor, Total Orders, Net Sales, Sales Tax Payable, Sales Tax Withheld, Marketing Fees, Processing Fees, Adjustments, Adjustments % of Transactions, Commissions, Misc Fees, Payout Amount.

**Delaget delivery is for franchisee internal use only and should not be used for the calculation of franchisee financial obligations including: Restaurant, payout date, delivery vendor, total orders, subtotal, delivery tax, marketing fees, processing fees, adjustments, adjustment % of transactions, commission, payout. Any questions or concerns regarding royalty payments should be discussed directly with your primary contact at IHOP.

How to use the Delaget Delivery Loss page

Who it’s for: Ops (Area coaches, director of ops, RGMs) 

  • Get visibility into delivery loss metrics from adjustments and canceled orders
  • Sort by adjustments or cancels to identify high delivery loss locations
  • See reasons for refunds
  • Use to fuel meaningful coaching conversations with employees

How to use the Delaget Delivery Reconciliation page

Who it’s for: Accounting/finance

  • See payout files for specific payout dates/periods and locations
  • Filter by order status or adjustments
  • Drill down to see every order that rolls up to total amount lost