Webinar: Maximize the profitability of your QSR delivery channel


The delivery channel has grown 1,343% since 2019 and shows no signs of slowing down. For QSR operators, this growth poses some challenges—Unpaid cancels, adjustments, and refunds made by delivery aggregators on operators’ behalf can shave down delivery margins.

Many operators are unaware of these losses, and losing money unknowingly, while others are trying their hand at recovering these losses manually, which can take an average of 6-10 hours per location each month. By the end of this webinar, you will know:

• How delivery unpaid cancels, refunds, and adjustments could be impacting your business and the profitability of your delivery channel
• Step-by-step instructions on how to recover lost revenue in-house, without a vendor
• What automated recovery can do for your business, an overview of the +Recovery tool including new features and a full solution demo

Learn how Delaget saves you 15+ hours each week and make sense of your restaurant data.