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Delaget Detect
Taco Bell's preferred asset protection solution! Detect will automatically alert you to losses, allow you to search for losses with a simple search function, and drill down to ticket-level detail.

Delaget Delivery
Increase the profitability of third-party delivery for your business with Delaget Delivery, which automates all your third-party delivery data and populates reports showing you discrepancies between DSPs and POS. Maximize payouts, reconcile with ease, and improve operations to stop future delivery losses from occurring.

Delaget Coach
Instant access to your operational data empowers you to make nimble business decisions and achieve growth goals. Automate systems data (POS, BOH, drive-thru timers, and anything else you'd like visibility to) to improve your operations and increase margins.

Differential Pay for Taco Bell
Developed by Delaget for Taco Bell to help franchisees stay open later and fill shifts. Use Diffrential Pay to offer additional compensation for existing or new team members to work certain shifts. For example, offering an additional $2 per hour for closing shifts.
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saved every day in data
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seamless integrations

Automate your Taco Bell delivery data, maximize your payouts.

Clear data dashboard showing what’s
missing in POS vs DSP

View for operations so you can stop
future delivery losses from occuring

World-class, in-house US-based, support team
and dedicated success managers

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Differential Pay
for Taco Bell

Bridge the gap in staffing and labor shortages. The power to offer your employees Differential Pay (premier pay) – for night shifts, holidays, and special circumstances – is here. 

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