Differential Pay
for Taco Bell

Bridge the gap in staffing and labor shortages. The power to offer your employees Differential Pay (premier pay) – for night shifts, holidays, and special circumstances – is here. 

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Differential Pay for Taco Bell
Differential Pay for Taco Bell

*Valid only for those new to Delaget – not valid for existing clients

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3. You will get access within 30 days of submitting the New Location Set Up Form. 

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Differential Pay FAQ

Broadly speaking, differential pay is additional compensation for existing or new team members to work certain shifts. For example, offering an additional $2 per hour for closing shifts.

Delaget Differential Pay is available to any Taco Bell Franchisee on eRestaurant who chooses to opt-in. Other BOH systems are not currently supported.

Delaget is building a tool that will allow franchisees to easily manage and apply pay differential rules giving operators a tool to help overcome staffing challenges, keep stores open at key times and run more profitable restaurants.

Some Taco Bell franchisees have attempted to implement differential pay, only to find that the process of building, managing, monitoring rules, and tracking them to run payroll was arduous. 

Delaget Differential Pay is available at no cost to Taco Bell Franchisees through June 30, 2023. More information regarding pricing structure will be available in Q1 2023. 

Simply put, this program presents the opportunity to run more profitable restaurants. Through our dozens of conversations with operators, we worked to understand the value that offering Pay Differential might have.

Here’s an example of a single-unit operator that is offering $2/hr to close at 3AM instead of 2AM, using an average sales for that hour. With that $2 of differential pay being applied to the entire shift, this example shows an annual increase in profit of $29,040.

Differential Pay for Taco Bell

These are estimated numbers showing a potential use case. This model should help you get started in evaluating the opportunities at your store(s). This example looks at only a single opportunity; staying open one hour later.

There are various other opportunities to increase your store’s profit:

  • Staying open on/around holidays
  • Embracing late night
  • Keeping stores open during staffing shortages
  • Balancing staffing throughout the day, giving more senior staff incentive to take late night shifts

Taco Bell Corporate has contracted Delaget, a long-time trusted data provider, to develop this new functionality for Taco Bell franchisees and company stores. Delaget has been working closely with Taco Bell franchisees for over 20 years. Delaget is committed to building intuitive QSR solutions to help Taco Bell operators run more profitable restaurants.

Delaget has been working closely with Taco Bell franchisees for over 20 years, and in 2021, Taco Bell corporate officially named Delaget’s premier loss prevention solution Detect their preferred asset protection solution. Delaget solutions are already utilized by over 4,000 Taco Bell locations. Delaget is committed to building intuitive QSR solutions to help Taco Bell operators run more profitable restaurants and is excited to build on successes within the Yum! Brands.

Authorized users can configure differential pay by:

    • Restaurant
    • Date Range
    • Day of Week
    • Time of Day
    • Job Role
    • Incremental Payrate

Delaget Differential Pay includes export functionality which allows a user to export detailed punch data including differential pay via Delaget.com, as well as set up a subscription to automate the delivery of this export. The Franchise Organization is responsible for all end-to-end payroll set up and processes for their organization.

Additionally, Delaget Differential Pay includes access to standard Delaget reports to support payroll operations:

  • Hours & Dollars (does not include differential data)
  • Hours Worked (does not include differential data)

Currently, Delaget Differential Pay is only for Taco Bell.

If you are an existing client: To get started, you’ll need to complete the New Location Set up Form specifying who will have access to Differential Pay. Details above.

If you are an existing client: To get started, you’ll need to sign up above. You will receive a New Location Set-up Form via e-mail. Once complete, you can submit to support@delaget.com

During sign-up, your organization will assign an Administrator.

Anyone who is an Administrator can edit and create differential pay instances.

Anyone who is a User will be able to view shifts but not edit or create new ones.

If you would like to add a new administrator or change a User to an Administrator please reach out to support@delaget.com

Delaget provides a subscription-based functionality. This functionality allows you to add in emails of those within your organization you would like to receive the report(s) and choose the cadence that you would like them to receive the report(s). Additional documentation regarding how to set this up will be included in the Training Documentation. 

In our franchisee interviews, there was a large variation based on need, market and other factors. It was in the $1-$5/hour range.
Anecdotally, we heard that $1/hour didn’t have a significant impact on shift coverage, whereas $3-$5/hour did.

Watch the Differential Pay for Taco Bell Informational Webinar: