Easily calculate third-party delivery losses using this delivery loss calculator

Use this calculator to see approximately how much you could be losing due to mismanaged delivery data and a lack of visibility into delivery. 

Simply enter some information about your delivery sales and the fees associated with them to calculate an estimation of loss per store or unit.

Delivery loss calculator

Delivery sales cancels/adjustments (~10% of delivery sales)
Royalty fee (%)
Marketing fee (%)
Taxes (%)

Approximate annual loss (per unit):

What is causing third-party delivery losses in my restaurants?

Third-party delivery losses occur when  unpaid cancels, refunds, and adjustments occur within the DSP, causing discrepancies between data within the POS and the DSP portals.

Accurate reconciliation is hard to accomplish with separate DSP portals, time-consuming manual processes, and room for human error. 

This results in operators and accountants being unable to allocate cancels not paid or refunds, and overstating sales, which then results in overpaid fees, taxes, and royalties.

How do I maximize DSP payouts and prevent delivery losses from occurring?

The simplest solution is to automate your data using a third-party vendor. Delaget Delivery offers QSR operators and accountants an easy-to-use reconciliation and losses dashboard to solve for this.

Instead of spending hours reconciling manually, you can simply log-in to Delaget Delivery and view losses, the reasons they occurred, and get a list of orders to recover with the DSPs, ensuring you maximum payouts with minimal effort.