Delaget Data Authorization Agreement

This Order Form constitutes an authorization and agreement between the below-named legal entity (“Company”) and Delaget, LLC (“Delaget”).

Delaget has been engaged by: (1) Company’s parent company or franchisor (“Franchisor”), or (2) a vendor or service provider of Company (e.g., payroll processor) (“Company Vendor”), to make available Delaget’s software solutions (including platform and APIs), data services, or operations support and reporting services either: (1) directly to Company on a non-exclusive basis, or (2) to third parties for Company’s benefit in connection with Company Vendor’s services (collectively, the “Services”). In order for Delaget to provide the Services, Delaget needs to access, collect, poll, share, distribute, transmit, or use certain Company-related or -generated data or information (collectively, “Company Data”) that may be held, stored, or processed by Company, its Franchsior, or one or more of Company’s existing third-party vendors or service providers (collectively, “Company Data Sources”).

By submitting this Order Form, Company hereby authorizes Delaget to access, collect, poll, share, distribute, transmit, or use the Company Data that is held, stored, or processed by the Company Data Sources as is necessary for Delaget to provide the Services and as otherwise set forth in the Delaget Services Subscription Agreement located at, which is incorporated herein by reference (“Subscription Agreement”). Company further agrees to receive the Services according to the terms and conditions set forth in this Order Form and in the Subscription Agreement. Company is a “Client,” Company Data is the “Client Data,” and the Services are the “Services” for purposes of the Subscription Agreement.

Delaget will not separately invoice Company for any additional fees in connection with the Services.

This Order Form will be effective upon submission by Company and remain in effect until terminated by either Delaget or Company by written notice to the other.

By providing the Company details below and clicking to submit this Order Form, the undersigned represents and warrants to Delaget that they have the authority to execute this Order Form on behalf of Company.