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We do data better.

New technologies and clear, easy-to-access data are critical to understanding the performance of restaurants today. Unfortunately, when it comes to receiving, configuring, and sharing data, none of the disparate systems seem to talk to each other and it can be a mess to navigate – taking up critical time and resources – which is where we come in!

Corporate Connect
Solutions made for you
Effortlessly export your data with automated systems. Whether you want to be hands-on or off, we got you.
Corporate Connect
The best data management is out of sight and out of mind.
As your business grows and gets more complex, so does your IT load. With Corporate Connect, you can stop pumping resources into building exports or managing your data. We do that for you.
Focus on what you best and leave the data management to us.
How it works
Ready to take control of your data? Great, because we’re ready to help. Here’s an overview of what comes next.

Pull data

Delaget pulls data from all your systems: POS (Point of Sale), back of house, security, inventory, etc. We make sure it’s clean and readable, then we pass it on to your partners, like your payroll, banks, and ERP.


Support every step

Our support team monitors your system 24/7, taking care of updates and making sure your data is always complete.


Insights you need

You get the insights you need to make informed business decisions without wasting another second on spreadsheet headaches.
Restaurants Powered by Delaget
95,000 data files loaded
3.2 million records processed per day.
Trusted by 10,000+ happy QSR Owners and Operators since 1999.
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Our corporate partners love the flexibility.
Whether it’s partnering on offering your franchisees growth-minded solutions, leveraging our solutions for your corporate stores, or purchasing our solutions for your franchisees – we're committed to finding data solutions that help reach your goals.
Arm your stores with clean, quality data.
Whether it’s collecting data for corporate store or franchise locations, we’re able to pull all the data together to help you and your franchisees better understand key metrics like sales, VOC, speed with service, loss, and more! Customized to your unique brand and store and system-level needs, viewing data has never been easier.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Delaget is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that makes accessing restaurant data easy by consolidating and normalizing data from the technology restaurants use the most so operators can understand what’s going on in their business. Delaget also helps technology partners access the data they need to serve their clients, via the Delaget API. 

Expand your reach into the restaurant space and be a part of the movement toward clearer, data-driven growth! Delaget is a well-known data provider in the restaurant space with over 20 years of experience and over 13,000 current restaurant locations served. Based on current integrations, Delaget has the protentional to serve over 100,000 restaurant locations, representing more than 2.9 million employees. 

Step one is vising our Delaget Connect API documentation page and following the instructions! 

Delaget serves two primary clients – technology partners and direct restaurant clients. 

Delaget has over 20 years of experience serving restaurant space with a focus on quick-service restaurants (QSRs) and fast-casual restaurants. 

Reporting on the performance of a restaurant can be time-consuming and siloed– with disparate systems and individual reports per system like point of sale, back of house, drive-thru, and more, the task can be daunting. With Delaget, operators have the ability to seamlessly consolidate all of their data across multiple systems, stores, and even brands, resulting in an all-in-one operational dashboard. One login, daily data, seamless reporting. Delaget makes it easy for restaurant operators to make clear, data-driven decisions with their businesses. 

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Delaget integrates more than 40 restaurant systems (and growing!) so that tech partners don’t need to spend extra time creating one-off integrations and can easily access crucial restaurant client data through a single API. This allows technology partners to expand their footprint in the restaurant space and better serve their clients, more quickly. 

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