Delaget Coach

Business intelligence for busy restauranteurs

Monitor company-wide performance from one screen (yes, all on one screen)

You spend hours each week toggling between systems, analyzing data, and communicating business results to everyone on your team. It’s time consuming and imprecise. And, even with all that work, your restaurant managers still struggle to act on problems and opportunities quickly.

Skip the do-it-yourself analysis, and use Delaget Coach’s interactive restaurant data analytics dashboard to quickly scan and drill into performance metrics from across your operation in mere minutes. You’ll also be making it easy for your managers to eliminate problems and capitalize on opportunities with the system’s prescriptive actions.


Download the ebook, 'A restaurant leader's guide to maximizing labor efficiency,' for 32 best practices on how to maximize labor efficiency

Get all the information you need on one screen

No more connecting the dots between multiple systems, all of your key metrics are on Delaget Coach’s interactive dashboard. You’ll be able to monitor performance at a glance, so you and your team instantly know where to focus.

Keep an eye on your key metrics

See immediately how your restaurants are performing for voice of customer, upsells, labor costs, in-store service, drive-thru service, and food costs with the system’s color-coded gauges. Drill into each gauge for more detail, so you can see exactly what’s impacting your performance.

Amp up your management team

Help your restaurant managers immediately spot both positive and problematic behavior, and give them the information they need to coach effectively. Using Delaget Coach, they’ll know who their best- and worst-performing employees are in each area and detect troublesome trends so they can respond quickly and prevent loss.

Follow the money

Zero-in on the areas where you and your team can have the biggest monetary impact with Delaget Coach’s estimated loss calculation. You’ll see how much money you’ll be leaving on the table if you miss your performance goals.

Take away the guesswork for your managers

When your restaurant managers use Delaget Coach, they don’t have to invest hours deciphering data. Through the system’s prescriptive smart tips, they’ll be notified when employee or restaurant performance in a particular area is unusually good or bad and how to drive improvements, address issues, and reinforce good behavior.