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Businessman writing on paper graph and holding smartphone searching data.

Choosing a corporate entity for your new franchise

Corporate entity structure impacts many components of your business. Here are the most common structures QSR owners consider.

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Why QSRs Need to Take Stock of Data Vendors in 2021 - register, card reader, order screen

Why aren’t your vendors automating your restaurant data?

Are your restaurant data partners providing the value they should? Here's what you should look for this year – and what you might be missing.

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Money being taken from cash drawer

Are your QSR employees following these 13 restaurant cash handling procedures?

When your employees handle cash correctly, you avoid lost, miscounted, or stolen cash. But, with so many steps in the cash handling process, tracking it all can be overwhelming. Let’s look at the top cash handling practices that all of your employees should follow.

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Loss Prevention Metrics for 2021 - restaurant patron eating food and looking at phone, quick service restaurant, QSR – Delaget

Loss prevention metrics you’ll need in 2021

The next loss could be right around the corner. Here are the ways you should be measuring your loss prevention tactics next year.

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8 Loss Prevention Tips to Improve Your QSR Speed of Service

Loss prevention tips can help you mitigate losses, but they can also help improve your QSR speed of service. Here's how!

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Delaget Coach Operational Dashboard Wins 2020 QSR Applied Tech Award

We are honored to announce that QSR Magazine has awarded the Delaget Coach operational dashboard the 2020 QSR Applied Tech Award.

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Man washing hands in sink for COVID-19

How COVID-19 affects your restaurant

As a restaurant operator, there are many important questions about coronavirus that you need to have answered. Here are some answers.

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daily sales report dashboard

How to get even more out of your restaurant’s Daily Sales Report

Here are some practical applications for the Daily Sales Report you might not have thought of.

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Optimize your workforce with this restaurant schedule template [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Here are some ways to design the perfect schedule using the tools and reports you already have. Also, here's a free restaurant schedule template to use in the meantime.

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4 maintenance tips to save money for your restaurant

Here are 4 advanced and practical restaurant maintenance tips to save money for your QSR or fast food restaurant.

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