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We’re restaurant people – and helping restaurant people better understand their operation is the whole reason we came to be. Before we were known as “Delaget,” we were a glimmer in the eyes of Jeff and Lee Engler, the owners of Border Foods, one of the largest Taco Bell franchises in the U.S.

Back in 1990, Jeff and Lee saw an opportunity. They had volumes of great data but no way to get a big picture view of their day-to-day operations. They knew this insight would make them smarter about their business and help them make better decisions.

So, they hired some developers, put them in a basement conference room, and tasked them with building one of the industry’s first above-store reporting systems.

The resulting solution (called b50 after that basement conference room) gave the Englers the big picture view they had envisioned and was a game changer for Border Foods. In fact, b50 worked so well, word about it got out to the Taco Bell community, and the Englers decided to license the technology to other franchises under the Delaget name.

In 1999, Delaget was spun off as an independent restaurant software company with the mission of helping multi-unit restaurant operators acquire, process, and deliver actionable information.

Since then, b50 has evolved into what is now known as Delaget Stats. It’s become the premier restaurant reporting solution, and Delaget now has more than 11,000 users across the spectrum of food categories, including Mexican, chicken, burger, pizza, Asian and seafood, and more.


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We’ve expanded our offering to include a loss prevention solution (Delaget Guard) and an operational intelligence tool (Delaget Coach).  And, we’re happy to report that our developers’ workspace is now above-ground.

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We remain deeply connected within the industry, which helps us stay keenly aware of its changing issues, opportunities, and requirements. This evolving insight enables us to offer solutions that are especially relevant, useful, and tuned to a restaurant environment.

We’ve come a long way since our days in the basement of Border Foods, but we’ll always be restaurant people at heart. And we can’t wait to put that expertise to work for you.


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