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Restaurant hiring: how to manage the back to school shuffle


Approximately 30% to 50% of QSR employees leave their job at the end of the summer to return to school. Although your business also quiets down at this time, it's important to be prepared for the employee shuffle.

Here are some tips to manage the back-to-school change.

Use videos for recruiting employees

In today's tech-savvy world, video goes a long way. And that includes recruiting excellent talent. Instead of simply posting a written job description to employment boards, take the time to plan, execute, and share a recruiting video. Don't just film a staff member talking about the position, show prospective candidates what it looks like to work at your store.


  1. Recording your team in action
  2. Showing the story of a typical day in one of your team member's work life
  3. Being the narrator in a video that highlights the open positions at your site and posting them on social media
  4. Designing a video that reveals the benefits of working with your restaurant

Create authentic content and you'll receive authentic candidates. Just make sure that you have approval from your company’s leadership. Typically, approval comes at the corporate or franchise office level.

Write eye-catching job descriptions

Unfortunately, hiring superb talent isn't as easy as posting a "Now Hiring" or "Help Wanted" sign in the window anymore. Today, your job postings need to have a bit more pizazz. Use colorful language and personality. Avoid writing solely the responsibilities of the position, but tell people why it's beneficial to work for your company and what that would look like.

Or, create ideal employee profiles to share on your social media channels. These profiles will define what you're looking for in an ideal candidate. Describe the purpose and objective of the position, personal characteristics (hard-working, good sense of humor, works well under pressure), experience, education, motivations (acknowledgment, rewards, mastering a skill), values (helping others, leadership, challenge), and communication style. Painting a picture of your ideal employee will help potential candidates identify whether they match what you're looking for.

Use photographs

Photos are another great way to visually show candidates what it looks like to work for your company. Take pictures of your employees at work. Don't stage the photos or you'll come across as inauthentic. Feature the photos on social media (with your employees’ permission, of course) and in your job postings. Share stories about being part of your employee team.

Ask current employees to review your QSR

When employees review their place of work on sites like Glassdoor, they're telling the world about their business' culture. And the best candidates will look for such reviews because they come straight from the employees' mouths. It’s also more likely that a disgruntled employee will leave a negative review than it is for a happy employee to leave a positive review, so encourage your employees to write positive reviews! Create simple reminders for yourself to encourage current employees to review your company.

Pump up current employees

As summer employees begin to leave for high school or college each year, it's a great time to offer current part-time workers extended shifts or hours. Those who have an interest and an ability to work more may be delighted by the gesture.


Craft your culture

Hiring new employees is also a great time to fine-tune your employee culture. When interviewing, think about what you want to be refined at your QSR. Ask yourself these questions:
Is your team focused on excellent service and fully engaged in their work assignments?
Do your workers feel that you have their backs?
Are they allowed to be who they are while also doing their best work?

Recruiting does not have to be stressful. Make recruitment positive by using it to spread the word about your QSR. Make this time matter by hiring the best and the right team members. And, while you're at it, build a better culture one new employee at a time.

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