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How to properly close your stores with eRestaurant (and avoid show stoppers)


From ensuring food safety carry-over procedures are followed to securing the financial and administrative side of the business, the closing restaurant manager and crew team have a number of additional responsibilities to ensure the restaurant is properly closed and ready for the next day.

One additional (and extremely important) responsibility for closing managers is to properly close out eRestaurant BOH. When eRestaurant isn’t closed out properly, you’ll receive a “show stopper” error message and you won’t receive any of the Delaget reports you need to run a smarter operation.

Follow the steps below to properly close cash, inventory, and payroll in eRestaurant so you can get the reports you need and avoid these time-consuming show stoppers.

1) Close cash office

A. Poll and close all registers

  1. Click "poll registers"
  2. Double click the drawer you wish to close
  3. Click "count"
  4. Enter your deposit for that drawer
  5. Click "ok" and close

2) Close inventory

A. Print the count sheet

  1. Click “food”
  2. Click “inventory”
  3. Click “current date”
  4. Click “action”
  5. Click “generate count sheet”

B. Count inventory

C. Enter inventory

  1. Click “food”
  2. Click “inventory”
  3. Click “current date”
  4. Click inventory line item
  5. Enter the counts (hit tab between item quantities)
  6. Click the floppy disk on top left corner
  7. Click “save”

D. Post inventory

  1. Click “post”
  2. A warning message may or may not appear. If the message doesn’t appear, go to “c”. If the warning message does appear.
    1. Click "ok"
    2. Click the “warning message” tab
    3. Read the warning messages and verify that your counts are correct for those items
    4. Click “post” again
  3. A message will appear asking if you want to post inventory at the ICOS percent that you’re at
  4. Click “ok”
  5. Note: Review the Troubleshooting Job Aid on the eRestaurant page on MyTacoBell for steps to troubleshoot ICOS. Additionally, review the eRestaurant User Guide Inventory Section for information regarding inventory.e your store

3. Close payroll

  1. Ensure all punch edits are adjusted on the POS on the same business day. Manual punches should only be done on the next business day.
  2. Any mismatched punches should be reviewed and resolved.
  3. Break Ins/Outs are entered on the POS.
  4. Review the Troubleshooting Job Aid on the eRestaurant page on MyTacoBell for steps to troubleshoot ICOS.
  5. Review the eRestaurant User Guide Timekeeping Section for information regarding timekeeping.

s with eRestaurant (and avoid show stoppers)

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