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19 KFC franchisees choose Delaget Guard to reduce loss to employee theft and error


ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn., June 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Delaget, LLC, the only data analytics and business process outsourcing experts focused on the QSR industry, today announced the signing of 19 new KFC franchise customers who have licensed Delaget Guard, its loss prevention software focused on reducing employee theft and error. The new signings come on the heels of the KFC Technology Committee's successful completion of a 120-day pilot of Delaget Guard (read the press release).

The Hodges Management Group, a 30-unit KFC, Taco Bell, and Dairy Queen franchise, is one of these new customers.

"Delaget Guard gives me an easy way to see what's happening at our restaurants. Using the software, I found managers who were doing refunds that weren't legitimate – they were just pocketing money. In fact, one of the employees we caught stole to the tune of around $4,000," said Bobby Bange, an Above Store Leader at The Hodges Management Company.

Jason Zakaras, owner of Zak Foods, a 27-unit KFC franchise, decided to partner with Delaget because of how easy the software is to use.

"We wanted to go with Delaget because I know how robust their tools have become. It was a no brainer for me because I know Delaget is a world-class resource for our teams and they provide a very intuitive solution," Jason said.

"Because Delaget Guard has been tested and proven by KFC corporate, franchisees can be confident that it's going to work in their business and help them improve margins. We've seen a tremendous response so far, which is exciting to see because it means that the software is really making a difference," said Dave Sandhoefner, Delaget's Chief Revenue Officer.

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