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Third largest Taco Bell franchise group, Bell American Group, partners with Delaget to stop employee theft

SAINT LOUIS PARK, Minn. /PRNewswire/ -- Delaget, LLC, the only data analytics and business process outsourcing experts focused on the QSR industry, today announced a new client relationship with Bell American Group, LLC, the third largest Taco Bell franchise group in the U.S. with over $300 million in sales. Bell American will be using Delaget Guard, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that reduces loss to employee theft and error by using proprietary algorithms to find exceptions in restaurant data, prioritizing those exceptions by monetary impact, and recommending specific actions restaurant managers can take to reduce loss and better train employees.
"There's a lot of opportunity for theft in the QSR industry. It's one of those things you know is happening, but you don't necessarily know how it's specifically happening," said Sarat Koneru, Senior Vice President of Operations at Bell American. "We wanted to take the guesswork out of identifying and investigating employee theft and error. And, we wanted a solution that would save time for our above store leaders and general managers. That's why we chose to use Delaget Guard," said Koneru. Delaget Guard is an analytics solution that takes the detective-work out of loss to employee theft and error. Instead of searching through stacks of exception reports, restaurant managers can quickly and proactively address issues using the system's daily "top 4" checklist of action items. Since the checklist is prioritized based on potential monetary impact, managers only spend time on issues that will yield the best financial results. "I was spending one to two hours a day using our previous tool. With Delaget Guard, it takes me 15 minutes at most. The checklist is easy to use, and I like being able to drill down when I need to. In fact, after using Delaget Guard for just a week, we've identified theft in several restaurants. We want that trend to continue," said Nick Rader, Manager of Restaurant Reporting and Analysis. "Every dollar stolen is a dollar away from our bottom line. Delaget Guard will help us be a more profitable company by helping us identify and minimize theft in our restaurants. Over time, the word will spread and the theft deterrent factor will be huge. When employees know we have sophisticated loss prevention tools, they'll think twice about stealing," added Koneru. "We're thrilled to partner with Bell American. It's exciting to see they've spotted theft in the first week of using Delaget Guard, and we're looking forward to helping their team reduce loss in their restaurants even more," said Jason Tober, Delaget CEO. About Bell American Group, LLC Bell American Group, a division of Flynn Restaurant Group, the largest US restaurant franchise group in America with over 850 units and $1.9 billion in sales, owns and operates 269 Taco Bell and associated YUM! Brands restaurants, making it the third largest Taco Bell franchise group in America. With over $300 million in sales and directly employing 5,000 people, Bell American Group operates across eight states and continually strives to be the premier franchise group in the Yum! system.

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