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Delaget technology aims to take bite out of estimated $14 billion in annual lost restaurant revenue

ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn.June 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Delaget, LLC, a leader in innovative restaurant technologies, today introduces its enhanced loss prevention software, Delaget Guard, to help multi-unit restaurant owners and operators recoup some of the estimated $14.2 billion of revenue they lose each year as a result of employee theft. Delaget Guard is a web-based software solution with a user-friendly mobile interface that scrutinizes point-of-sale restaurant data to help restaurant operators quickly and easily identify suspected employee theft, track employee behavior patterns, and take action with problem employees. Unlike other loss prevention solutions, Delaget Guard not only provides data, it provides insights into how to use that data to deter future theft and improve profits. According to Jason Tober, Delaget CEO, Delaget Guard is poised to succeed as restaurant owners and operators alike are embracing the role technology can play in helping them run their businesses more effectively. "I'm confident that Delaget Guard will become a go-to resource for savvy restaurant owners and operators who value their time and the role technology can play in improving their bottom line," he said. "Employee theft is rampant in the restaurant industry, costing each multi-unit restaurant an estimated five to seven percent of their revenue annually. But Delaget Guard quickly spots and stops that theft to help keep restaurants in the black." A key feature of Delaget Guard is its intuitive, at-a-glance infographics, charts and checklists that track suspicious transactions and missed revenue opportunities by employee, connect actual dollars lost to each employee, grade each employee's operational performance, rank stores within a franchise based on lost revenue, and provide employee-specific corrective action measures. In addition, Delaget Guard integrates with existing surveillance systems to provide a total loss prevention solution. "The restaurant business is historically a low margin business," said Tober. "So it's really critical to a restaurant's bottom line that they not only have a firm grasp on where they make their money but also on where they lose their money. By identifying potential employee theft and helping to deter future theft, Delaget Guard helps restaurant owners and operators quickly recoup lost income."  

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Delaget helps restaurant operators expand their business and improve profitability through our configurable restaurant dashboard, our data solutions, and our Easy Street Marketplace. We received the 2020 QSR Applied Tech Award for our Delaget Coach restaurant dashboard, which provides a combined view of an operator’s most critical operational data including sales, labor, food costs, speed of service, voice of customer, loss prevention, and more. Delaget customers are franchisees and franchisors from brands such as Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, IHOP, Five Guys, Hard Rock Café, Hardee’s, Popeye’s, Slim Chickens, Sonic, Papa John’s, Brooklyn Water Bagels, and more. Visit us at for more information.

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