Delaget Guard & WHG case study

From negative sales to double-digit sales

Amy Boshears, VP of Operations at Wisconsin Hospitality Group, shares how Delaget Guard drastically simplifies their loss prevention efforts – and how it allowed her to immediately discover some operational issues at one of their stores. WHG addressed those problems and transformed the store’s sales from negative to double-digit growth.


Identifying employee training opportunities

In addition to identifying theft, Delaget Guard allows WHG’s managers to drill into transactions to identify areas where new employees might need additional training.


Finding theft in under a minute

Brittyn Pitt, Director of Operations, shares a specific case where Delaget Guard showed him that $2,500 had been taken by a delivery driver.


Quick and easy to use

Brittyn Pitt and Amy Boshears give some examples of the time-savings and ease of use they’ve experienced with Delaget Guard. “It really makes our managers’ jobs so much easier.”


Keeping honest people honest

Using Delaget Guard, WHG has also found and corrected instances that weren’t  necessarily theft, but were issues of integrity. “We really use it in a lot of different ways,” says Amy Boshears.


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