Uber Eats

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Beginning Wednesday, June 24th, Taco Bell Corporate will be sending Uber Eats data for inclusion in Delaget Coach and Delaget reports. To help you navigate this change, we’ve gathered below some common questions about how the new process will work.

  • When does Delaget receive Uber Eats data, and when will that data be reflected in my Net Sales in Delaget Coach?

    Taco Bell Corporate is sending Uber Eats data files to Delaget via DPOLL each Wednesday morning between 8:00am – 12:00pm PT. We will update the Net Sales amount in all of your Delaget products shortly after receiving the file. You can find Uber Eats metrics on the COVID-19 Data Support page within Delaget Coach.

  • Will my Uber Eats sales be added to Net Sales for each day of last week?

    Yes, we’ll add together your Uber Eats sales and your Net Sales POS amount for each day of the prior week, based on your hours of operation.

  • How is Delaget calculating Net Sales to include Uber Eats sales?

    Delaget will be using the formula below, which has been approved by Taco Bell Corporate and Uber Eats:

    Uber_Eats_Net_Sales = Food_Sales_Excluding_Tax +/- Adjustments – Uber_Service_Fee

    (Adjustments can be either positive or negative, so the +/- adjustments may raise or lower the total Net Sales)

    In order to understand how Uber Eats sales contribute to a restaurant’s revenue, we have included the net value after sales tax, adjustments, and Uber Eats fees.

    One example is:

    The total for Uber Eats Net Sales for a day/week/etc. will be the sum of Uber Eats Net Sales for every transaction during the corresponding period.

    Example of a cashier transaction and corresponding Uber Eats file transaction

    On June 3, the location below processed one Uber Eats delivery order. The food/beverage total was 27.85, and the order was rung in with a 100% delivery discount at the location.

    In the Uber Eats file describing that transaction, the pre-tax food and beverage total has been adjusted up to 32.56, approximately a 17% markup. There was sales tax of 1.79 on the order, and Uber made no further adjustments. From the 34.35 total, Uber subtracts a 5.54 service fee (approximately 17% of the marked-up 32.56 total). In addition, since the order was made in Wisconsin, Uber is liable for the sales tax on the order and subtracts the tax amount out of the payment to the restaurant (whether Uber keeps the sales tax amount or remits it back to the restaurant varies by state).

    Therefore, this order increases net sales in the restaurant by 27.02 after all fees and adjustments have been made.

    32.56 (Food sales excluding tax) +/- 0.0 (adjustments) – 5.54 (Uber Service Fee) = 27.02

    POS transaction vs Uber Eats transactions

    POS transaction 100 % discount amount = $27.85

    Uber Eats Food Sales (excluding tax) amount = $32.56

    Difference between POS transaction vs Uber Eats Food Sales (excluding tax) = $4.71

  • Which Delaget reports or products will be updated to include Uber Eats data?

    All Delaget reports and products that display Net Sales will be updated once we receive the Uber Eats file.

  • How will I know when Delaget updates my Net Sales amount?

    The Uber Eats Net Sales amount in Delaget Coach will be blank until we receive the Uber Eats file. Once we receive the data, you will see it populated on the COVID-19 Data Support page.

  • Will Delaget report Uber Eats’ data based on the midnight-to-midnight format that Uber Eats uses?

    No, Delaget will update your Uber Eats transactions based on your locations’ hours of operation, which may extend past midnight. For this reason, the data in Delaget will not match the data in the Uber Eats portal.

  • Since Delaget is receiving my Uber Eats file based on the midnight-to-midnight format, will Delaget Coach include sales after midnight on Tuesday (hours of operation)?

    No, Uber Eats transactions made after midnight on Tuesday will not be included in the file we receive from Taco Bell on Wednesday morning and therefore will not be reflected in Delaget Coach until the following week. If you would like to see this sales information sooner, you will need to use the Uber Eats portal.

  • How are Uber Eats sales reflected on the POS and above store reporting?

    In the TLD that is sent to Delaget, Uber Eats orders are reflected as net sales of $0 from the POS and in above store reporting. Tax on Uber Eats orders will also show as $0. These sums are appearing as $0 because the discount key is being used to represent a pre-paid order.

    Beginning Wednesday, June 24th, net sales in your Delaget products will include Uber Eats sales (see first question above).

  • How will these orders be reflected in the TLD File?

    These orders will be identified with the tag X:DelivMobFC.

  • Will I be able to see historical Uber Eats data?

    Will I be able to see historical Uber Eats data?

  • How do I reconcile Uber Eats transactions with deposits from Uber Eats?

    Click on the transactions on the Delaget Coach COVID-19 Data Support page to reconcile what was rung in at the store level versus sent in the Uber Eats file.

  • Has Delaget added GL accounts for Uber Eats?

    Yes, Delaget has added these GL accounts.

  • If Delaget is only receiving a weekly file, how can I manage Uber Eats sales during the week?

    Please reference the Uber Eats cashier discount column in Delaget Coach on the COVID-19 Data Support page to view discounts applied to transactions. The Uber Eats cashier discount column is based on what the cashier rings in and can be different from what Uber Eats reports. We have received examples of cashiers not entering Uber Eats order information correctly.

  • How are Uber Eats’ fees structured?

    Restaurants are charged a 17% commission on each Uber Eats order. To offset the 17% commission, restaurant menu pricing is marked up 17% on Uber Eats. This commission is represented by the “Uber Service Fee’’ field in the “Payment Details Report.” The commission is charged on the marked-up price.

    For more information, visit My Taco Bell for the Uber Eats Delivery post on May 20th 2020.


  • Are credit card fees passed through from Uber Eats?

    No, Uber Eats covers all credit card/fraud fees.

  • How are franchisee royalties calculated?

    During the Uber Eats pilot period within the U.S., franchisees are responsible for remitting royalty payments on the POS price of items sold through Uber Eats. To calculate the POS price, please use the formula below:

    [Food Sales (excluding tax) – Adjustments (excluding tax)] / 1.17

  • Where can I get more information?

    Please reference the following Uber Eats link to see how Uber Eats represents tax for both Market and Non-Market Facilitator States.

    Note: Tax on Food field in the “Payment Details Report” in the Uber Eats portal is inclusive of the 17% markup.


    Taco Bell Corporate: Delivery@tacobell.com

    Uber Eats: Email eats-prioritysupport@uber.com, or call 1-833-275-3287